Mind-Blowing Ideas For Your Garden

Tricycle Three-Tier Planter

Vintage bicycles can be transformed into the coolest art, and can dress up for your garden. 

While this tricycle was never meant to be ridden, it does make for a charming display piece, with three spots for planters of different sizes. The lightweight frame also allows you to simply pick up and move the planter, even though the wheels don’t actually turn, This tricycle planter is available on Amazon.

Flower Box

A planter basket is a container used for growing plants, flowers, or herbs. These boxes can be placed on , balconies, decks, or in gardens to create a contained gardening space.

BIrd House

The Bird House are often placed in outdoor spaces, such as gardens, parks, and backyards, to encourage birds to nest and raise their young. Birdhouses come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different bird species. The design of the entrance hole, interior dimensions, and overall structure will influence the types of birds that are likely to use the birdhouse.

Natural Jute Bag

These Bags are Handcrafted and hence, give a Gorgeous Overall Look. Handcrafted bags can be considered pieces of art. Many handcrafted bags are made using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. For gardens with specific themes, such as a cottage garden or a bohemian garden, handcrafted bags that match the theme can enhance the overall atmosphere

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