Jugaad Garden Magic Compost enhances photosynthesis, promotes plant growth, and boosts chlorophyll formation. It strengthens roots, improves soil quality, increases water retention, and enriches soil fertility, resulting in bountiful fruits and flowers. It is multi-purpose, with blends of the finest natural ingredients to create a pure and balanced growing medium,which produces super, natural growth and exceptional health for plants and blooms all over your house and garden.

Product Cost: 250/- + Shipping Charge (additional applicable as per delivery partner.)
Weight: 1 Kg (After packed)
Ingredients: Vermi Compost, Calcium nitrate, Bone meal, Neem Cake Powder
 Mustard Cake Powder, Epsom Salt, Single Super Phosphate, Potash, D.A.P., Fungicide.
🔴Benefits of Magic Compost
▪️Increases soil organic content
▪️Soil Enrichment
▪️Sustainable a completely organic
▪️Solution to Plant problems
▪️Improved nutrient delivery
▪️Better water retention

Vermicompost can enhance soil fertility physically, chemically and biologically. Physically, vermicompost-treated soil has better aeration, porosity, bulk density and water retention. Chemical properties such as pH, electrical conductivity and organic matter content are also improved for better crop yield.

 Calcium nitrate has been shown to stimulate root growth in plants, leading to healthier, more vigorous plants. The roots are essential for water and nutrient uptake, and by increasing the size and length of roots, the plant is better equipped to absorb these essential nutrients.

Bone meal is a great fertilizer for plants because it is high in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It can help improve plants’ growth in many ways, including providing them with the nutrients they need to thrive. The NPK rating of bone meal is typically 3-15-0, with a calcium content of around 12%.

Neem cake organic manure protects plant roots from nematodes, soil grubs and termites, probably due to its residual limonoid content. It also acts as a natural fertilizer with pesticidal properties. Neem cake is widely used in India to fertilize paddy, cotton and sugarcane.

Mustard cake powder is a natural fertilizer that can be used to fertilize flowering plants. It is high in nitrogen, which helps promote root growth and plant growth. It also contains potassium, which is essential for plant health and growth. Mustard cake powder is a dry powder made from ground mustard seeds

Epsom salt does seem to help plants. Generations of gardeners have said it helps their plants grow bushier, produce more flowers and have better color. It’s also said to help seeds germinate and repel slugs and other garden pests.

Single Super Phosphate (S.S.P.) improves soil aeration which leads to the increase of water holding capacity of the soil which increase crop yield. In sugarcane, the sugar content increases which provides more production.

Potash contains soluble potassium, making it an excellent addition to agricultural fertilizer. It ensures proper maturation in a plant by improving overall health, root strength, disease resistance, and yield rates. In addition, potash creates a better final product, improving the color, texture, and taste of food.

Diammonium phosphate (DAP) is perfect for any agriculture crop to provide full phosphorus nutrition throughout crop growth and development, as well as a starter dose of nitrogen and low sulphur. It can be applied in autumn for tilling and in spring during sowing, as well as for pre-sowing cultivation.

Fungicides are pesticides that kill or prevent the growth of fungi and their spores. They can be used to control fungi that damage plants, including rusts, mildews and blights. They might also be used to control mold and mildew in other settings.

Overall, Jugaad Garden Magic Compost offers numerous benefits for plant growth, soil health, and environmental sustainability. It is a valuable fertilizer and soil amendment that can help improve the health and productivity of gardens, farms, and landscapes.

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