Our Mission

In today’s time it is very important to save trees. Every day the felling of trees is going on in full swing. If harvesting continues like this, then one day our life is bound to end. To save the trees, every person has to be aware of the trees and save them. Not only this, along with saving trees, information about trees is equally important. It is very important for us and for our future generations. And we are trying to give you this information in a simple way. Better mental health is one of the many reasons to start gardening. Although anxiety and depression are challenging, digging through the mess can clear your mind and bring peace and satisfaction. Gardening connects you to nature; Spending time around plants can reduce stress.

Seeking inspiration?

¬†Welcome to Jugaad Garden , where we’ve curated a collection of 500+ garden ideas! Explore a wealth of imaginative and distinct concepts for garden borders, front and backyard floral arrangements, ornamental garden suggestions, potted gardens, effortless DIY undertakings, and an array of other possibilities to elevate your gardening experience.

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