5 Amazing Areca palm plant benefits & facts.

Areca Palm benefits are many - It’s a top choice among tropical plants for its lush foliage and simple care requirements. Plus, it's great for purifying indoor air.
  1. Air Purifying Properties

  2. Increases Oxygen

  3. Areca Palms Improve Indoor Humidity

  4. Creates Positive Energy in Feng Shui

  5. Can Help With Allergies

1. Air purifying properties.

The Areca palm (Dypsis lutescens), also known as the Butterfly palm or Bamboo palm, is often touted as an indoor plant that has air purification benefits. While it’s true that many indoor plants can help improve indoor air quality to some extent, including the Areca palm, it’s important to understand the limitations and considerations involved.

Areca palm plant benefits

2. Increases oxygen. (The Most Important Areca Palm Plant Benefits.)

The plant produces more oxygen thanks to its large leaf surface area. The plant is most well-known for its capacity to clean the air in your home and give you a daylong sensation of renewed energy.

3. Areca palms improve indoor humidity.

Areca Palm improves the air humidity and prevents the air in the house from drying out due to running an air conditioner or even a furnace.

Areca palm plant benefits

4. Creates positive energy in feng shui.

According to Feng Shui practitioners, Areca Palm plants draw positive energy into their environment along with the blessing of wealth, prosperity, and peace. A study from the University of Vermont found that plants, such as the areca palm, can actually decrease anxiety by 37%, reduce depression by 58%, and lower fatigue by 38%. This means they can boost productivity and bring more positivity into your space.

5. Can help with allergies.

Areca palms stand out as an excellent choice for indoor plants, especially for individuals with allergies. These plants generally have lower pollen counts, which are unlikely to exacerbate allergy symptoms.

Common Problem With Areca Palm Plants.

Areca Palms come in both indoor and outdoor varieties. Ethyl yellowing is a disease that affects all types of palm trees, including Areca Palms. Although it’s most common in coconut and date palm trees, it can affect any outdoor palm tree. This damaging yellowing is caused by a phytoplasma disease spread by planthoppers. This problem is happening because of people using coconut and palm trees as lawn decorations.

If a palm plant is near an environment such as a park or golf course, it is prone to lethal yellowing. Outdoor areca palms are more susceptible to lethal yellowing, so it is necessary to take preventive precautions to ensure that it is not affected by phytoplasma disease. You can help prevent deadly yellowing by planting your areca palm around other coconut trees that are resistant to deadly yellowing and by keeping a lawn with heavy turf grass.

Excessive water.

Excessive watering causes the soil to become waterlogged, which suffocates the roots and burns the tips of the leaves. To prevent this, ensure proper drainage in the pot or soil and water the palm only when the top inch of soil is dry. This will allow the roots to breathe and avoid water related stress.

Less watering.

Areca palm plant benefits

On the other hand, under-watering can deprive the palm of essential nutrients, resulting in leaf tip burn. Establish a regular watering schedule and make sure the palm receives enough water to maintain its health.

Compacted roots.

Over time, the roots of the areca palm can become compressed, inhibiting their ability to properly absorb nutrients. To reduce this, gently loosen the soil around the roots when repotting or consider using a special soil mix that promotes good drainage and root health.

Poor soil conditions.

Poor soil quality can adversely affect the overall health of the palm, causing leaf tip burn, among other issues. Select a well-draining soil with good aeration to support healthy root development and prevent waterlogged conditions.

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